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Kevin Kowalski is a name that a lot of underground skaters have known for a while now, but this year Kevin seems to have had the spotlight of skate media shined in his direction. Between a few interviews, a handful of video parts, not one, but TWO covers, and making the podium in almost every important bowl skating contest in the world, Kevin is finally starting to emerge from the underground and people are realizing just how insane he really skates. One of those video parts we’re talking about was Kevin’s introduction to the CCS shop team and the CCS apparel team and we couldn’t be happier to have him in the crew. We managed to sit down with him in the midst of one of the busiest summers of his life and got a few answers out of him so check out what he had to say!

is finally starting to emerge from the underground and people are realizing just how insane he really skates.

Kevin, where in the world are you at right now? I'm in Oregon at my house right now. Packing up and getting ready to take a road trip to Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

You have been traveling a lot lately, what’s the best place you have been to recently? I've been to Australia twice this year and I had a lot of fun both times. It’s always a good time there. I really enjoyed checking out Japan for my first time as well. We did a Lifeblood tour there and got to check out a lot of really sick shit.

What’s it like skating in those Vans Park Series events? It's sick! They really expanded it this year doing the series internationally. It's cool because you get to travel around the world hanging and skating with all of your friends.

Is Pedro Barros mean? He looks kind of mean when he skates…Pedro is mean on his board. That's for sure! Stay out of his way because he'll run you over haha. He is one of the nicest guys I've ever met though. He gives so much back to skateboarding! I'm proud to be his friend!

Do you have any insane travel stories from foreign countries?I got lost in Tokyo, Japan. That was interesting to try and figure out. Nobody spoke English. I couldn't read anything. I felt pretty helpless. I finally found the address that I forgot I had after running around the city like a chicken with its head cut off. Then I got a taxi to help me get back to where I was staying.

How long did it take you to film that new Berrics part? I think it took like 8 months or something like that.

How many new parts have you put out in the last year?I'm not sure. I'm guessing four? I put out a part for independent trucks on thrasher called "on one". I had a second part for independent trucks come out called "the cutting room floor" that was a raw edit of clips that I had left over. We did a welcome video for CCS in a weekend in between some trips when I was at home. Then I just had a part come out for the skateboard mag called "vanishing point".

Do you think if you broke it all down you would be averaging a trick a day for the last year? I feel like you have filmed 365 tricks.I don't know haha. Sometimes when we're out filming I try to get at least a trick a day but sometimes you end up with more and your stoked.

What was it like to get the cover of the Skateboard Mag the first time?It was crazy! Up until then I could only imagine what it would be like to make it on there. Then it actually happened.

What was it like to get the cover of the Skateboard Mag the second time? It was a real honor to have an interview and the cover. It all happened so fast. I couldn't believe it.

How many months were in between your covers? I think it was something like three or four months.

Is that a world record? I think it is for having 2 covers of the same mag.

How cool was it that one of your covers was shot in your backyard?It was a cool feeling! My parents were happy for me. I think my mom cried when she saw it.

Do you feel extra pressure when you skate your house and film there, like you have to do something amazing every time since you set the bar so high? Yeah it can be but I like it because I learn new stuff that way.

What’s it like shooting with Dave Swift? It's a lot of fun! We've been friends for a long time and he's great photographer. It makes it shooting a photo a lot less stressful.

What do you like about riding for Bryce Kanights’ Lifeblood skateboards? Do you prefer the vibe of a smaller board brand? Bryce Kanights knows a lot of history in skateboarding. He's like an encyclopedia or dictionary. If you ever have a question he knows the answer. We just announced we turned Cody Lockwood pro! We also have another pro on the team Mark "Red" Scott, the owner of dreamland skateparks. What more could you ask for? I also like going on trips with my friends. Everybody is pretty tight there and we've all been skating together for a long time. It's more like family and we've all got each other’s backs.

What do you have coming up? Another video part? Another cover? 3 in a year sounds pretty nice… I'm just looking forward to the rest of summer! Skating contests, going on trips, shooting, and filming more.

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