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Let’s face it, whatever board you’re riding is the right one. As long as you’re rolling, then you’re doing it right. But when the sad time comes that you have to put your old deck to rest, or get rid of those wheels that have just one too many flat spots, there are a lot of choices out there for what to get next. Gear Check is here to show you what your favorite pros and ams are riding just in case you need a little inspiration for your next set up.

Whether you can pronounce his name correctly or not Tom Karangelov has got to be on your radar. Tom is quite and smooth, but doesn’t hesitate to jump on something huge when the time comes. Tom also does a great job at finding and altering spots to make for maximum shred potential. We caught up with Tom to see what he was riding and witness some of those beautifully smooth moves he has tucked away in his white pant cuffs.

Tom is rolling on some Skate Mental, New Balance, Spitfire, Thunder, Bones Swiss, and Mob products, and all of them seem to be treating him well. Watch him rip and then grab his stuff from the shop!

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