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The Fila Heritage collection is full of classic FILA garments in all their regal splendor. This collection pulls from the days when Tennis was full of drama, larger than life characters, and played host to one of the greatest rivalries in sports history, the ongoing battle between John McEnroe vs Bjorn Borg that took place between 1978 - 1981.

It’s hard to separate feelings of nostalgia for the 70’s when looking at the pieces from FILA’s Heritage collection. Sure, if you lived through those times, these colors, materials, and styles may stir up a cocktail of mixed emotion and memories, but for the rest of us, they’re a much needed breath of vintage air. Surely the thinking behind this collection was the knowing that we’ve all been secretly pining to wear comfortable velour jackets to our local soccer games, shorts that pair best with a glass of champagne and yacht rock, and fitted polo shirts that look best under the twinkling lights of a disco ball.

From the collection, we have the Contrast Yoke Velour Jacket, Narducci Polo Shirt, Santo Pants, Nargiso Shorts, Printed T-shirt, Naso Jacket, and the BB1 Polo Shirt. This is the first collection CCS has carried from FILA, but if this is any indication of where the brand is headed, we’ll surely be carrying much more in the future.

Fila Printed T-Shirt Fila Printed T-Shirt
FILA Nargiso Shorts FILA Nargiso Shorts
FILA Santo Pants FILA Santo Pants
FILA Naso Jacket FILA Naso Jacket
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