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For many, fishing is much more than a pastime, it’s a way of life. For the men and women who wear (live in) Grundens Fishing Workwear, this statement couldn’t be more true. Grundens has been making workwear to keep fisherman warm and dry while they work in brutal conditions since the early 20th century. No name is bigger in the fishing industry when it comes to helping you stay dry in the battle against the elements. Dark Seas, a brand built for the sea lovers of the world (surfers, fishers, beach bums of every kind), couldn’t have chosen a better brand to partner with to get you ready for the wet and stormy weather ahead. What hooked us about this collab is the durability and details of the products, specifically the Dark Seas X Grundens Stormrunner Jacket and the Dark Seas X Grundens Hoodie. The Stormrunner jacket was taken straight from Grundens’ Storm Jacket Series and features the added benefits of having the signature Dark Seas aesthetic. If you’re looking for something like a coaches jacket that you’ll be able to stand under a waterfall with or work on a boat in without looking like your dad, this jacket would be a great option. What caught our eye in the Dark Seas x Grundens Custom Fleece Hoodie was its chain stitching. The Orange logotype on the chest and back panel are an embroidered chain stitch, while the white details are screen printed. The idea of how great this combo will look after a year or two of hard wearing makes us want to wash it a few extra times right now. The collection continues in the fashion of successfully combining elements of both brands harmoniously into a tight little collection. We have three t-shirts, a long sleeve, hat, beanie, and the hoodie and jacket mentioned above live on Check out the Grundens x Dark Seas Collection.

 Dark Seas x Grundens Heritage long sleeve

 Dark Seas x Grundens Beanie, Dark Seas x Grundens Hoodie

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