CCS Pants Restock - Buy One, Get One 50% Off

We’ve all been waiting patiently, and maybe sometimes not so patiently, for those sweet Nike SB Dunks to arrive. After enduring logistical delays, pandemic related setbacks, and so many sleepless nights, the time has finally arrived. Brace yourself because the Nike Dunks are in the house and it’s gonna be raining Drops the entire month of April.

CCS is going to be dropping a new style of Nike Dunks every week this April starting right about... now.
That’s right. Your chance to get a pair of new, limited edition SB Dunks is coming, and then coming again (and again and again).

You don’t need to be a CCS+ member to participate, but you can triple your odds of winning and skip the breakneck raffle entry process by having a CCS+ membership. You heard us; For just $20, you’ll be eligible for automatic 3x raffle entries to every Dunk drop we have for the next year. You also get free shipping and other benefits, but that’s a tale for another time.

Even better, we’ll be selecting one Grand Champion of the SB Kingdom of Dunks to win a pair of each of the four Dunks being dropped in April in their size…. for FREE!
(You need to enter the very first raffle to participate in this 4 Free Dunks thing.)

Ishod. Photos courtesy of Nike SB.

Keep your eyes on the CCS Instagram feed and your head in the game, cause CCS is about to give up the Dunks!

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