CCS Workwear - Your New Go-To Jacket

In this day and age of disposable everything, we must never forget one of the great pioneers of expendable excess, the disposable camera. What a luxury to be able to document life on film, and then just toss your device away to be replaced by a new one for another roll.

Our friends at Imperial Motion have some nostalgia going on for disposables, so they started #disposablemondays. They give their team riders disposable cameras to snap away on trips and at home, and then every Monday they post the results. Sounds fun right? Well now YOU get to be a part of the team, if you want to, that is.

Imperial Motion gave us 100 disposable cameras to give out with the next 100 board orders on CCS.COM! That means starting tomorrow, July 19th at 9am (PST), if you order a skateboard from CCS (Deck or Complete) you will get a disposable camera to shoot with and post your own photos. Make sure to tag #disposablemondays and you may win some more free stuff! Also the first photo on every camera has been hand selected and shot by Imperial Motion’s Walker Ryan and Jimmy Carlin so finishing these rolls is one step close to being a part of the IM squad. Get those boards going and start snapping away!

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