CCS Workwear - Your New Go-To Jacket

The DC Shoes x Baker Collab Collection comes to you by way of Cyril Jackson and Tristan Funkhouser. This collection successfully blends the quality and dependability of DC’s shoes with the contagious, raw energy Baker and its team constantly bring to skateboarding. The success of this pairing can be attributed to the use of the recognizable Baker ransom letter style branding used throughout the line and the fact that the collab is connected to Cyril Jackson and Tristan Funkhouser. With two riders like that on both Baker and DC Shoes, it’s only natural that the two companies should link up to build such an effortlessly stylish collection.

DC Shoes is poised for greatness. Its team is firing - riders like Wes Kremer, T-Funk, CJ, Evan Smith, and Tiago Lemos are a constant in daily feeds, video streams, and print sequences. The company that consistently shows up in the world of televised, competitive skateboarding is keeping itself relevant in the streets as well. Leading the charge for DC in 2017 is Evan Smith and Tiago Lemos with Tiago’s Press Play part and Evan’s Light - Sound part.

It's an exciting time for DC - its team is consistently delivering banging footage and its apparel is getting back to DC's roots. We're looking forward to seeing what DC has in store for the rest of 2017. But for now, be sure to check out the DC Trase Slip S RT, and the Baker x DC Windbreaker both live at CCS now, and lookout for the DC x Baker Decon hat and DC x Baker tee dropping soon!

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