CCS Workwear - Your New Go-To Jacket

Each skater’s style is like a signature; it’s unique personal reflection that makes every trick part of a larger self-portrait. So when CCS hit a couple of obstacles with Vincent Alvarez, Stevie Perez, and Giffin Gass from the Lakai team we know each of these guys is gonna bring their own assortment of flare to the session. It’s what makes skating great.

Griffin Gass by Matt Price

And now, thanks to Customs X by CCS, they can each create their own Lakai apparel that’s as unique as their approaches to barrier skating… and so can you. Push the Lakai graphic T-shirts, long sleeves, and griptape in any direction you want. Keep it clean, make it hectic, or go full abstraction. The flare is in your hands.

Vincent Alvarez for Customs X Lakai

Check out all the Customs X Lakai options on and make it your own. Choose the colors and layout of your Lakai T-Shirts, long sleeves, and griptape. You can drag and drop a variety of Lakai graphics, manipulate and arrange them in any way you want. Each product is made to order and one of a kind!

Customs X Lakai

Stevie Perez - wallride

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