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Loaded Longboard’s popular Chubby Unicorn Board had a good run. Its composite/fiberglass/bamboo construction was lightweight and durable, and its W-Concave made for perfect pockets to tuck into, allowing for you to find speed you never knew you had. Despite its name, the Chubby Unicorn was a nimble little board that was embraced by serious downhill riders and freeriders alike thanks to its dual kicktails.

But all that’s behind the Unicorn. It’s retired. It’s done. If you still have one, its value should be going up. But before you start snapping photos and checking resale values, you might want to wait to see Loaded’s Blood Slayer - the board that edged out the Chubby Unicorn. This new and improved version of the Unicorn features the same shape and construction with the added bonus of Urethane reinforced bolt holes. The virgin white colorway of the Chubby Unicorn has been replaced with paint black as pitch. The Blood Slayer's all black colorway is stained with blood red urethane rails that may or may not have traces of Unicorn blood.

The Loaded Blood Slayer is set to drop August 30th. Stay tuned for more details and photos.

Loaded Blood Slayer (Chubby Unicorn v2) Loaded Blood Slayer (Chubby Unicorn v2)
Loaded Blood Slayer Longboard Complete Loaded Blood Slayer Longboard Complete
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