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The recent summer capsule of CCS tees is dedicated to all the OG California Cheap Skates heads who've been pining for a trip back to the catalog-circling times of the 1990s. Back in the days of Bobshirts and Blind jeans, everslick decks and 40mm wheels. Back before skatestoppers had been invented and it was just us versus the security guard in a battle of attrition. The era of Hi-8 video, Shorty's being a bolt company, and concrete skateparks being a rare thing. For those who've been with us for over 3 decades and those youngsters who want a taste of the way things were, this drop's for you.

The OG Face takes it back to CCS' 1980s roots. And to give you some extra flare when your on the dance floor this black shirt features glow-in-the-dark ink, and the white shirt is printed in semi-reflective black ink.

The Globe Logo design was lifted straight from the cover of the Summer 1993 CCS catalog. We may not be in Cali anymore, but we haven't forgotten our roots, and neither should you.

At some point in the mid-1990s, in an effort to save time, we started referring to ourselves as CCS. And thus the introduction of this now-timeless (yet clearly dated-to-a-golden-era) logo to our catalogs.
This summer, CCS offers 3 new colorways of the legendary 96 Logo T-Shirt.

And we haven't forgotten about the kids. While they probably weren't even alive at the time and they have no idea what a VHS tape is, they can still revel in the nostalgic glory of the mailorder catalog epoch with styles just for the kids, like the glow-in-the-dark Youth Cheap Skates design.

Plus, we've got Cheap Skates shorts in a variety of color combos, and some new Pocket T-shirts.

You can order all the quality CCS apparel 24/7 on the World Wide Web at Sorry, no C.O.D.s.

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