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This week, I’m going to tackle snowboard goggles, specifically helping translate tech terms, so you can find goggles that suit your riding style best. Snow goggles are notoriously weighed down with technical language. Companies tend to brand features that are offered across the board differently. For example, Happy Lens is essentially the same technology as LumaLens or Prizim - they all focus on filtering out harsh UV rays. Because this technology causes the most significant price increase, it's where I'll start.

For today’s Tech Talk, I’m going to talk about Dragon Snowboard Goggles. 2018 marks Dragon’s 25th year in business. What started as a sunglasses company in 1993, has morphed into an international distributor of sunglasses and goggles for surfers, snowboarders, moto riders, and wakeboarders.

Dragon’s term for filtering light is Lumalens. Lumalens technology is offered in the Dragon DX Snowboard Goggles, Dragon DX2 Snowboard Goggles, Dragon D1 OTG Snowboard Goggles, Dragon D3 OTG Snowboard Goggles, Dragon NFX2 Snowboard Goggles, Dragon X1s Snowboard Goggles, Dragon X2s Snowboard Goggles, and the Dragon X2 Snowboard Goggles.

Lumalens filters out harmful lightwaves, while simultaneously allowing in light that intensifies color recognition. More simply, Lumalens filters out light that strains your eyes and allows helpful light and colors in, providing higher contrast and clarity so you can see more definition in a variety of light conditions. The combination offers crystal clear visibility across the entire spectrum of light conditions. Dragon includes a bonus Lumalens lens with every pair of goggles all the way down to the DX ($49.95), it’s pricepoint goggle.

Transitions Lenses is what’s really setting Dragon apart from the competition. Transitions Lenses is a patented self-adjusting lens that eliminates the need for carrying extra lenses or goggles. The lenses adapt to changing light conditions, so you don’t have to. Transitions Lenses are offered on the Dragon X1s Snowboard Goggles, Dragon X1 Snowboard Goggles, Dragon NXFs Snowboard Goggles, and the Dragon D3 OTG Snowboard Goggles.

Dragon also offers quick change lenses if self-adjusting lenses aren't your thing. The NFX2 Goggles allow you to change your lens while you’re wearing them (change on face tech), while the NFX and X1S offer Dragon’s updated Quick Change lens system.

Tech Talk is a bit like a Ted Talk. In every Tech Talk, I’ll break down industry jargon into manageable chunks, so you can make a more informed purchase decision in less time. The biggest difference is we’re not in an air-conditioned auditorium, there’s no giant screen behind me, and you’re probably not here on your bosses dime.

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