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Who are you? Bradley Stephen Cromer

How long have you been skateboarding? I would say I’ve been seriously skateboarding for roughly 14 years.

What companies do you ride for?HUF, Krooked, Brixton, Doomsayers, Spitfire, Thunder, Brostyle, and Shred Shed.

How often do you go skateboarding?I would say almost every day, or at least try to. I am the type of person that can’t really sit still. I’m constantly moving, even if I have nothing to do. If I’m not skating I find other things to stay productive in one way or another. Not sure if that’d be ADHD or just a constant need to be working on something to feel accomplishment.

What was the first trick you learned? Hmmm, very first trick? I guess that would be a tiny ollie. I still remember being out in my driveway and getting my back wheels off the ground for the first time. I was so happy. I screamed for my sister to watch me through her window of her room. She watched and didn’t give a shit.

What was the last trick you learned? I’m drawing a blank on this one. I try to learn something every time I skate. Could be on flat, or on a ledge, or something I’ve already done in the past and want to re-learn it. And if I did learn something specific lately I’ll probably try it with a camera pointed at me and then save it for a future part.

What is your favorite trick you have ever done? There’s no specific trick really. I just really enjoy flipping my board over things. So pretty much skating flat. I skate over the orange mini barrier at cherry a lot. I do like a good fs flip on flat.

How old do you think you will be when you can't kickflip anymore? Shit, I have no idea. I don’t like thinking that far ahead. It freaks me out. So this is me skipping this question... next.

What's the scariest thing that's ever happened to you on your skateboard? Probably ankle rolls/breaks. I’ve done a lot of damage to my ankles while skating. It seems to happen pretty often for me. I want to say around the age 18 my left ankle was so bad that I got surgery on it. But yeah I’d probably say ankle problems have been the scariest for me. it’s a terrible feeling that’s followed by a lot of boredom.

Which skateboarder has influenced you the most? PJ Ladd, Coliseum days. No one skated like him at that time. He was tech, smooth, graceful, and powerful. He skated exactly how i wanted to skate. I couldn’t tell you how many times I watched that blue VHS tape (PJ Ladd’s wonderful, horrible life). Many other skateboarders have shaped me into how I skate today but PJ was a huge influence on me as a young skateboarder.

What's one thing you don't like about skateboarding?I'm trying to be more positive.

Do you think skateboarding should be in The Olympics?No.

What pisses you off when you're out skateboarding? So much. There’s a lot that can drive me nuts when I’m out skating. Too big of a crew, over waxed ledges, most handrails, that month’s hot spot, ugly schools, pitch dark at 5pm, the list goes on and on. And it could also be tiny things like, the color of my shirt, or the fit of my pants.

What up-and-coming skateboarders get you stoked?Right now it’d have to be Richie Rizzo, Jake Anderson, and Matt Gottwig. You’ll understand why soon.

If you were told you could only skate one spot for the rest of your life, what would it be? My driveway in Florida.

If you were trapped on a desert island and could bring three skate videos, which would they be? I’d bring 3 hollowed out VHS tapes. One with a fire starter inside. One with string and a few fishhooks. And one a small mirror to signal passing boats.

How do you feel about heel flips? Heel flips are fun. Almost as fun as a kickflip. It feels really cool to heel flip into any backside grind or slide.

Is it weird that there's a question about heel flips? Yes, but I tried my hardest to answer something for it hahaha.

If you could heel flip anything in the world, what would it be? Probably out of a plane, straight into indy grab, straight into a volcano.

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