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You may think you’ve never seen Portland based street artist Snakey Jakie’s work before, but you might be surprised to find that you have. That’s the feeling we had when we discovered one of his signature “Snakeys” in the background of a photo we used in Holiday 16 Catalog. Snakey Jakie’s aesthetic is as strong as his love of skateboarding, and he’s become a machine in cranking out an insane amount of artwork on a daily basis. You can see by his Instagram feed that he is producing dozens of pieces of art in his signature style on daily basis. We chatted with Snakey Jakie about skateboarding and his art in a recent interview below.

Snakey is a Lurker, he is always on a mission to find new Skateboard spots.

Who are you and where are you right now?Snakey Jakie, Portland Oregon

What kind of art do you make?Abstract, Painting, Mixed media sculpting.

What are Snakeys and what inspired them?Snakey is a Lurker, he is always on a mission to find new Skateboard spots. The inspiration for the character was from my skateboard wax, Slide Your Face Off. My influence comes from raw street skateboarding, falling down, and getting back up, the struggle, the city, the people around me, most of all its my skateboard.

What did you think about one of your snakeys finding its way into our Holiday 2016 Catalog?I actually was blown away!!! When I was younger I'd get the mailorder in Hawaii, where I spent most of my younger years. So I'd always dream of having those ill kicks for school.

How did you first get into art?My Step Father was my main Guru in the teachings of painting and most walks of life. I was his sidekick until his passing, after that I fed the fire into the creative process. Learning what I liked and having no limit to where to stop.

Do you have a favorite artist that influences your work?Honestly, everyone who expresses themselves thru color or any art form. Katch1 /Mark Gonz Are prob my favorite.

How does skateboarding influence your work?My mind goes blank when I’m pushing through the city. Never really paying any mind to those around me, more of a blur to the colors and arrangements of objects. I find a lot of stuff on the ground, money /rubbish. I use such rubbish for crafting. I have a box in my studio of years of BS to craft with.

Do you have any memories of the CCS catalog?We are making the memories I'll remember most and hold close to my heart.

What’s next for you? A kickflip on flat. Roll a bit. Nollie hafcab then Switch Flip and continue to smile at all the great things out there around us.

Where can people find more about your work?Instagram - @Snakeyjakie or under the Burnside Bridge lurking with my Homiez.

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