CCS Corduroy Long Sleeve - Available in 4 Colors - Only $54.95

Cairo Foster and Matt Milligan's impressive careers as professional skateboarders landed them multiple CCS covers and ads during the heyday of The Catalog. Cairo was even a CCS team rider in the late 2000's! Now in 2018, we work closely with these two on a regular basis through adidas Skateboarding, so It was only natural for us to take a stroll down memory lane and flip through a few old CCS Catalogs. Surprisingly, Foster and Milligan "OUT-SKATE-NERDED us" and brought their own CCS Catalogs from their own personal collection. :) Follow along as Milligan thumbs through his ‘94 catalog cover shot, and Cairo breaks down some of the more questionable ads he finds in early 2000’s issues in this episode of Going Through Old CCS Catalogs.

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