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Back Light is our regular showcase of the best photography skateboarding has to offer. We make the rounds to all best lensmen in the industry and scour their hard drives for photographic gold. Back Light's purpose is to make skateboarding look rad, plain and simple. Whether it's a heavy trick, an epic sunset or just a stylish push, if it looks good you will find it in Back Light. Enjoy.

Dave Swift is one of the great skateboarding lifers. He’s been shooting skate photos and running your favorite skate magazines for well over two decades and shows no signs of slowing any time soon. He’s still out there hopping fences, bucketing pools, and keeping up with a new generation of shredders after years of seeing more people, trends, and companies come and go in to this industry than you or I even knew existed. Dave loves skateboarding more than most people love anything and he will be skating and shooting photos until his legs don’t work, and that’s why he rules. Check out his flicks in this edition of Back Light and then go bucket a pool of your own and get some grinds!

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