CCS Pants - Buy One, Get One 50% Off

We thought we had it all figured out.

Four different Nike SB Dunks - all dropping from CCS during the month of April. We'll hold a raffle every every week to give the fans a chance to get each pair and we'll call it Dunk Month. It will be amazing. Court Purples. Wasted Youths. Gulfs. Pink Pigs.
But then someone had to look at the calendar and point out that, technically, if the first drop is in the first weekend of April, we won't have any Dunks to drop in the final week of the month. Everything would be ruined!

It was stressing us out. If only we could escape all the tensions of a dunkless week during Dunk Month. Perhaps we could take some sort of vacation on a tropical island.

Well, Nike must've caught the vibes of our desperate, dewey sweet, mango-scented message in a bottle, cause like a coconut dropping on our noggin from above, a wonderful shipment of Hawaii Dunks has landed at CCS.

That's right Dunkaroos, Dunk Month just got 20% more shoe filled (and 100% more Aloha) with the addition of a surprise SB Dunk High drop.

And speaking of surprises, like some not-so-well hidden buried treasure, we hear that these shoes might have some surprise aesthetics of their own for those willing to get adventurous.

These tropical beauties will be dropping bright and early on April 23rd, 2021. You know the procedure: CCS+ Members, check your inbox for an email with your early triple raffle ticket entry. Everyone else, put down that daiquiri and head over to the CCS instagram for all the insanity.

Big thanks to our friends at Nike SB for making this all happen. Please remember they have tons of other awesome shoes you can skate in at CCS.

Dunk Month ain't over yet so keep your head in the game.

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