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Aiden Caruth is from Eugene, Oregon, and skates in big pants on giant boards. In addition to CCS Apparel, he skates for Santa Cruz Skateboards, OJ Wheels, and DC Shoes. This kid RIPS! Check the latest CCS Apparel edit of Aiden skating his hometown park right here, right now.

All photos by Joe Brook.

We sat down with Aiden to talk about pants and family and inspiration and life and had exactly the kind of deep, introspective conversation one would expect when talking with a 15-year-old who just wants to go skate.

What are your favorite pants?
Jnco Jeans or CCS Chinos.

Who is your baggy-pants inspiration?
Tom Penny

Do you do your own laundry?
My parents do it for me sometimes.

How many days in a row do you wear your pants before washing them?
About a week.

What skaters have the best style out there?
Neil Blender, Chris Milic, and Jesse Alba.

Do you ever trip over your own pants?
Yeah. Sometimes if they are super baggy.

What is your drink and snack go-to?
Arizona Tea and Buenos.

Who's your Mullet inspiration?
Nick Michel.

What's your dream session?
I want to skate that big park in Sweden and I would bring Erick Winkowski and Chris Milic.

Favorite thing about being part of CCS?
I like CCS because a lot of my favorite skaters ride for them and everyone that works there is really cool.

We'd tell you to keep your eyes out for Aiden, but truly you'll be seeing a lot from this kid whether you are paying attention or not. He is just too stylish to not be getting attention.
You can follow Aiden on Instagram, scope out the recent video he did with OJ Wheels, see a Welcome to the Team edit CCS made with him last year, or just head to the Eugene park and watch him skate in person. You can't miss him.

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