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When Ace told us that their new AF1 trucks were so advanced they could eat mountains of pool blocks for breakfast (their exact words), we called up one of the most coping consuming skaters in our rolodex to put them to the test.

The AF1s are made from a new heat-treated alloy from hanger to baseplate, have softer pivot cups for smooth turns, and auto-rethreading axel nuts to make stripped threads a thing of the past. Sure, all that sounds great, and the recent Our Turn video was amazing, but how will they stand up to constant grinding over and over and over in a vertigo-inducing repetitive fashion? When a professional with a fresh pair zones in on frontside grinds like a murderous metronome, what then?

Honestly, we weren’t really sure what a decent test size would be.
500 seemed like a nice even number and Krooked Pro (and Ace Pilot) Ronnie Sandoval was game to get some grind. He gives us a few extra tricks in there to keep it lively including the advanced frontside double flip-the-bird, and once Ronnie gets dialed-in with the 40 block runs, be prepared for some serious pool hypnosis.

The new Ace AF1s are available in all the colors and sizes over at right now. Get a pair and then it’ll be your turn.

You can get more Ace action on the Ace Insta and make sure to stop by the CCS feed and let us know what you think.

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