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When we hit up Portland-based artist and skateboarder Adriana Solis to create some new graphics for CCS decks, we asked to her to fashion a skateboard that she personally would be stoked to ride. We wanted her to design something that reflected her personal style on and off the board: colorful, spontaneous, mysterious, and feminine, yet surprisingly tough and complicated.
We couldn't be more happy with how the graphics turned out. Her Trip To Heaven and Blooming Streets decks have been some of the most popular of our latest drop. We wanted her to share some of her thoughts on her artistic process, skateboarding style, and ambitions.

Adriana Solis for CCS
All photos by PJ Helit

What is your artistic process?

My process always starts from inspiration. I get inspired by colorful imperfections. I love to make my work experimental and create an aesthetic I haven’t seen before. I let go of any critical thinking and let my feelings control what I create. My work is built off layers and layers of details because I want the viewer to dive into the world I created, letting their interpretation rule what they perceive. I like to mess with exploratory perspectives that create a dreamscape version of reality.

Specifically, what inspirations did you draw from in regards to the CCS decks?

The deck designs were inspired by Portland. My city provides both a city driven and naturalistic escape. Skating downtown provides so much inspiration. From the roughness of the streets to the textures of the city. Only a few miles away and you can escape to the wilderness Portland offers. I gravitate towards these areas to sit and enjoy the view.

CCS Skate Decks
Top: Blooming Streets
Bottom: Trip To Heaven

How is working digitally different for you from more tangible art making?

Honestly there isn’t a huge difference. I work in hundreds of layers that make an experimental explosion. Whether it’s digital or tangible art I try to add a lot of detail that appreciates imperfections, textures and wild aesthetics. I could never relate to a simplistic style. Add more color and a dash of “weird”, that’s my secret recipe.

You make custom grip tape as well? What’s that process?

It started from my love for color. Everything I own has to be colorful so when I would skate and look down at a blank gripe, I couldn’t handle it. Skateboards are like your “mini whip” you gotta customize it to your liking. I always have to include a character from one of my favorite cartoons and a whole lot of glitter. Hank Hill & sparkles- my life is made.

Beautiful Girl Skateboarding

Favorite skate tricks to do? Tricks you want to learn?

Oooooffff! I am going to give it all to every variation of boneless there is. From the back boneless, to the boneless 360 and everything in between. I like my wings just like that trick- Boneless!

Adriana Solis skates
Killer tricks, heavy slams.

What are your ambitions in art, skateboarding, or career goals?

As an artist my first priority is to inspire others to create and express themselves. I want to make cool shit, that makes people smile, or makes people think. As a designer I have a lot of goals for myself. I’ve had the pleasure of working with well established brands, and I want to continue to make a name for myself in the design industry. Following in the footsteps of those before me who brought rebellion and expression to the design world. Break the rules and have fun with what you create.

CCS Skateboards Portland

Where can people go to see more of your artwork?

My artwork can be seen on Instagram @radddlady80.
I am also a graphic designer, visit my site at

Any shout outs or last words?

Friendly reminder that art can be whatever you want it to be. It’s an expression of your mind and there are no rules. Embrace the unique, love the “weird” and follow in your own footsteps.

CCS skateboards

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