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No piece of clothing is more specific to a particular season than the tank top. Frowned upon to wear in the winter, and adored in the summer, the tank top is truly a seasonal piece. Which is great because that means you can buy a tank or two every spring and slowly build a respectable collection. In this post we’re going to talk about some of our favorite tanks we’ve received for spring of 2017. Hopefully, we’ll cover all the bases, but if we happen to miss a style you want to know about, drop a message in the comments below.


First up is allover print tank tops. An allover print tank top means the entire tank top is covered in a graphic, which is more often than not a repeated pattern. The Vans Penmar Tank Top, Matix Gift Shop Tank Top, and the LRG Stay Palm Keep Cool Tank Top are all good examples of allover print tank tops live at ccs right now. We dig allover prints for their retro feel, and the fact that you can wear them with just about anything. They have a relaxed vibe that pairs well with the lazy days of summer and blend in with the chaos of music festivals and busy tourist attractions you’ll surely be dragged to at some point once or twice this summer.

Next up on our list is the retro tank top. A retro tank top can be referencing any era - 70’s on all the way to the mid 00’s. Typically, they’re going to look something like you might see in a 70’s surf photo or 80’s skate mag. Some good examples of these in our inventory are the Santa Cruz Classic Dot Tank Top, RVCA’s Layd Back Tank Top, and Volcom’s Jag Tank Top. Personally, the retro tank top is the most appealing of all the tanks. Like an all over print tank, the retro tank has a touch of carelessness or playfulness to it. It’s summer, and you’re just looking for something that looks good and you won’t overheat in. Plus, you have to take every opportunity you get to look like a badass 70’s surfer or 80’s skateboarder.


If prints aren’t really your thing, we have a good selection of plain and color blocked tank tops as well. In the plain tank top category, we have available the Volcom Solid Heather Tank Top, Neff Co Tank Top, Brixton Wheeler Tank Tank Top, and the Emerica Triangle Wash Tank Top, which has tie dye mineral wash, but we still consider chill enough to be called plain. As for color blocked tank tops go, the Antler and Woods Golden Fish Tank Top, Supra Block Tank Top, and theVans Era Tank Top are all rad options. Both color blocked and plain tank tops are great for everyday use. They work great for school, road trips, and heading to the grocery store. For us, they are less about partying or get togethers and more about running errands and looking good without really trying kind of shirts.


Finally, we’re going to quickly mention perhaps the most important tank in your arsenal, the patriotic tank top. The LRG Countryman Tank Top, and the Vans Weyfields Tank Top will both look great while you light fireworks, stand by the bonfire, or Q up some burgers. A patriotic tank top is a go-to for the Fourth and any day where you’re feeling particularly stoked to be ‘Merican.

And that’s about it. We’d love to sit here and talk about every tank top under the sun, but you don’t have time for that, and we’re getting ready to go skate.

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