CCS Workwear - Your New Go-To Jacket

Corey Glick is a professional skateboard rider for Vans and the Foundation Super Company. He's got a lot of pop, great hair, and a couple years ago he did this:

Recently, Vans went and redesigned their entire original line of shoes with skateboarding in mind, bringing us the all new Vans Skate Classics. Striking that perfect balance between boardfeel and durability without losing any of the heritage look, these Vans have been recreated to be skated.
Or so they claim...

Being the scientific chaps that we are, we wanted to see how these new Vans performed first hand. Plus, any we'll take any excuse to witness that Glick-Flick first hand. So we met with Corey in Tustin, CA to give ‘em the old 100 kickflip wear test.

Corey broke in a fresh pair of Vans Skate Classic Old Skools for us, while CCS' own Matt Price threw down the gauntlet for a few flicks in the Vans Skate Classic Authentics.

How will the new Vans hold up?
Will Corey’s kickflips just keep getting gnarlier as the count rises?
How many tries will Price get in before his board cracks?
Watch the video for answers to all these questions and more. And then head to to scope all the colorways of the entire line of Vans Skate Classics.

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