The CCS Tour Backpack - The Return of a Classic

As skateboarders, we don’t really have any clue what do with ourselves when it snows. Sure snowboarding is great, but if you’re stuck in the city and all you wanna do is shred, the snow is your worst enemy. Thankfully we carry a whole bunch of stuff at CCS that makes the snow a little more bearable. After getting a record amount of powder here in Portland last week we decided to grab all the waterproof, and weather-treated products we had and put them all to the test at once! We even attempted 100 kickflips on a Premier Snowskate, but we gave up at 20. We were still able to snow test some Vans MTE gear, Airblaster Ninja Suits, Dakine Gloves, and a pair of water-resistant HUF Classic Highs in between screwing around in our parking lot! Shop for winter gear at CCS today!

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