The CCS Lounge Shirt - Take Chill To a Whole New Level

What’s the best way to test a pair of skate shoes? Skate them. Seems like a no-brainer, and it surely is, but there’s a difference between skating a pair of shoes and skating them to truly test their durability. We decided to start wear testing skate shoes in a way that really makes sense. We present to you the 100 kickflip challenge! What’s a better way to see how a shoe breaks in and handles the abrasive caress of your grip tape than just throwing it in the line of fire? If a shoe is looking good after 100 straight kickflips, then we’re guessing it deserves a spot on your feet.

Well, it looks like we’re at it again with a new pair of shoes! This time our friends at Adidas hooked us up with a pair of their Matchcourt’s to put to the ultimate test! We decided to switch it up this time and we got a warehouse employee/resident shredder Mike Shields to break them in with the other foot. That’s right, 100 nollie flips in the Adidas Matchcourts done right here in the CCS warehouse! Naturally we got a whole different type of wear on the shoe and a whole new perspective. Watch Mike complete the ultimate challenge and then grab a pair from CCS for your own wear test!

Pick up a pair here!

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