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Matt and Kev took to an all-new location for the 100 Kickflip Wear Test of the Vans UltraRange Pro. Right off the bat, Kev was impressed with how light and supportive the shoe was. Part of what makes the UltraRange Pro so lightweight is its construction. The UltraRange outsole features a custom-tuned UltraCush Lite formula co-mold midsole. This insole/midsole hybrid is bonded to the Van’s original Waffle grip outsole (it’s this white hybrid sole you can see through the waffle grip). The shoe’s seamless vamp, and pulled back laces proved valuable as the shoe escaped the wear test virtually unscathed. The Vans UltraRange Pro combines the classic style of Vans with a modern tech feel that’s supportive, lightweight, and ultra-durable.

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