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What’s the best way to test a pair of skate shoes? Skate them. Seems like a no-brainer, and it surely is, but there’s a difference between skating a pair of shoes and skating them to truly test their durability. We decided to start wear testing skate shoes in a way that really makes sense. We present to you the 100 kickflip challenge! What’s a better way to see how a shoe breaks in and handles the abrasive caress of your grip tape than just throwing it in the line of fire? If a shoe is looking good after 100 straight kickflips, then we’re guessing it deserves a spot on your feet.

We decided to give our staff a break this week and hand the 100 Kickflip Challenge over to a pro. Leo Romero paid a visit to the CCS office last week and we talked him in to giving us 100 kickflips in a brand new pair of his Romero Laced Shoes from Emerica. It turns out there’s a reason he’s got his name on a board. Leo did 100 kickflips in a row with out stopping or stepping off his board once. He didn’t want to break his momentum until he hit 100 and because of that, we had a microphone malfunction in the process. As you can clearly see, the shoes did great, but sadly we don’t have audio commentary on the end result. We speculated as to what was said though, and probably nailed it. Enjoy watching 100 kickflips in a shoe that Leo personally helped build to kickflip in, then pick up your own pair from CCS!

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