The CCS Lounge Shirt - Take Chill To a Whole New Level

For this week’s 100 Kickflip Challenge, we found two giants of early 2000’s skateboarding and paired them up for an extraordinary battle! We headed to Northern California to link up with Santa Cruz Skateboards legend and current Krux Trucks brand manager, Ron Whaley. Since Ron is a large (both physically and figuratively speaking) part of skateboarding from the puffy shoes era, we threw him in a pair of Globe CT-IV Shoes! As if that wasn’t enough shoe already, Ron wears a size 13. Ron decided to spice things up and go fakie for this test and use these tanks for a backward kickflip bonanza! Check out how they held up, and if you’re a fan of support and fluff then you can pick up a pair at CCS!

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