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  • Where To Start
    Where’s the best place to buy skate apparel? A skate shop is a great place to start. Skateboarding culture has always had its own style, its own attitude, and therefore been imitated and misappropriated for years, but never has skateboard apparel been more popular than it is today. With brands such as HUF, Supra, Vans, and Thrasher appearing on streetwear blogs, skate clothes are transcending the rebellious, grimy, outsider reputation they’ve carried with them for so long.
    Where To Start
  • Skate Clothes
    Skate Clothes
    Today, skate clothing is so commonplace in popular culture, that’d it appear to be fair game for all to wear. In the past, skating clothes made references and used designs that appealed to skateboarders and that was about the extent of it. But somewhere along the line, skateboarding and skateboarding clothes became stylish, and have remained from the early 2000’s on. The lines have blurred so far that it’s difficult, unless you skate, to go into a skate shop and know what’s what. It helps to know each what brand stands for as a company (what type of riders it has, the videos it produces, the lifestyle its team portrays), but in most cases it’s simple enough to sort it out and find something that appeals to you. With the popularization of skate culture, comes brands who are associated with skateboarding. Obey, The Hundreds, and FILA are a few examples of brands that don’t have a direct connection to skateboarding, but because companies like these have similar interests (music, art, clothing design), they’re carried in skate shops like CCS.