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The Independent Truck Company is one of the oldest and truest skateboard companies in existence today. Founded in Santa Cruz, California in 1978 by the same masterminds behind Santa Cruz Skateboards and OJ Wheels, Independent Trucks are not only some of the best skate trucks available, they are also a cornerstone in the foundation of skateboarding.

Independent Trucks aka Indy Trucks were conceived out of the need for a skate truck that was both durable and responsive. With this goal in mind, Indy produced its first model, the Independent Trucks Stage 1. Now, nearly 4 decades and 10 stages (updated truck designs) later Indy Trucks are still strong, responsive, and among the best products available.

Independent Trucks have remained a staple in skateboarding for nearly 40 years by changing their product to fit the changing needs of skateboarders over time. The first Indy Trucks, roughly stages one through four, featured slim hangers and a narrow profile – an ideal design for quick lightweight carving.

As grinding ledges and ollieing down big drops became more popular in skateboarding, Independent Trucks became bulkier to absorb more impact and include more material to grind on.

From the sidewalk surfers and pool carvers of the late 70’s to the drop takers and ledge masters of today, Independent Trucks has been with skaters every step of the way. Whether you’re after a long smooth grind, or simply a responsive turn, Indy Trucks will take good care of you.