Primitive Skateboards |


Primitive is a skateboard and clothing company founded by pro skater Paul Rodriguez. Rodriguez formed the company with a goal to produce quality skateboards and soft-goods, and to run a skateboard business in his own way.

Many Primitive decks are easily recognizable by their glossy gold finish. A stylistic choice by the brand, this unique touch has allowed the young brand to stand out in a sea of up and coming skateboard companies. Similarly, the Primitive Shirts and clothing use bold imagery, loud colors, and wild patterns to make their presence known.

Aside from harnessing an original and attention grabbing aesthetic, Rodriguez has designed his company in a way that puts more focus on sponsored skateboarders. It is the goal of the company to use Primitive Decks to put more money into the pockets of the Primitive professional skate team by offering them a larger stake in deck sales.

Not only do Primitive decks and Primitive shirts, clothing, etc. offer a new and interesting look to the skate community, they also strive to offer new opportunities to young professional skateboarders. In a world of increasing skate companies starting and ending, why not try supporting one that wants to support skaters in a new way?

If Rodriguez’s vision comes to life, Primitive decks could be a whole lot more than just another skate product. Primitive decks could be the beginning of a new age in professional skateboarding.