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Loaded Icarus Longboard Deck

Loaded Icarus Longboard Deck

Flex 1
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  • Details

    Ya know, when Loaded releases an all new board, it's hard to not get so giddy and smiley to the point that our cheeks hurt. But hey, if it means an all new creation of mystical shredding, what's a little sore cheek from time to time. Thus, the Loaded Icarus is born. A flexy, fun, and lively ride. The board comes in at 38.4 inches long, 8.6 inches wide, with a wheelbase of 28.25 inches long. You'll notice right away it's a little narrower than your standard 10 inch deck. This cuts down on the weight of the board, making it extremely easy to push around town. With a fully symmetrical shape, the Loaded Icarus performs outstandingly well as both a freestyle and freeride setup. The board features an all new construction, that we dare say could only be straight out of Greek mythology. Combining their "bamboo biscuit" technology into their already amazing bamboo, fiberglass, and cork construction, you get a board with some shapely curves that you can bring home to your momma. This creates ample wheel flares, that are unobtrusive to your stance. That means the Loaded Icarus locks you in for pumping, and carving hard through the city streets, while keeping a comfortable standing platform. The board comes in 2 different flexes. The flex 1 is the stiffer of the two, for riders ranging from 170-200+. This board will be better for aggressive turning, and more controlled while sliding. That makes the flex 2 the flexier of the 2. This board is much more lively and playful than its stiff counterpart, making pumping a breeze. The weight range for this board is 75-200+ pounds. Keep in mind, these are only suggested weight ranges, so you don't have to worry about that holiday weight. The board is topped off with functional nose and tail, giving you the shred everything setup, in a lowered drop through ride that makes it a fun every day setup.

    • 8.75" Width x 38.0" Length
    • Wheelbase: 28.50"
  • Specs