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The Killing Floor

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We are ideas in the form of tangible objects. Natural resources in their pure form, wood- tarnished by-chemicals and the hand of man and machine. Yin and yang. Dynamic opposites, brought together in harmony to present themselves as vehicles for many of One's most focused moments of existence. We do things that we want to do. You might appreciate it, or not understand. This is all part of the idea. It is not a new idea, but a sound one. You must challenge what's in front of you. This is of utmost importance.

But we are not here to tell you what should or should not be. You are in control of your own destiny. You must understand, though, that much relies on your single personal perception and reaction to your surroundings. Ride a skateboard for the way that it makes you feel. Do what comes natural and feels right on it. This will yield the best results. We are here for you as a proprietary choice of weaponry.