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When it comes to the essentials components that make up a skateboard, trucks are perhaps one of the most overlooked. This is simply because they should be able to twist, turn, grind and slide without question. However, it takes a properly engineered truck to be able to perform this way and not think twice. For this, skaters looking for flawless precision can turn to Tensor.

In regards to their performance, Tensor kills the game on multiple aspects. In terms of weight, their Mag Light trucks provide a redesigned experience around a truck that is 30% lighter than any other skateboard truck out there. At the same time, their signature All Terrain Geometry packs important features including a taller construction, a lower kingpin, interlocking bushings and a reinforced hanger to create a sense of responsiveness unlike that of other available trucks.

As a testament to their quality and durability, Tensor offers riders an undeniable lifetime guarantee. Any trucks deemed unsatisfactory may be returned directly with the copy of a sales receipt. Judging by the meticulous craftsmanship of these trucks, however, skaters everywhere have rendered this guarantee unless as they’ve gone on to become repeat buyers.