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Spitfire Skateboard Wheels

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We’ve always wanted to spit fire. Face it, it’d be pretty cool. But until the dragon DNA transfer is complete, Spitfire skateboard wheels will have to do. Good thing that these are some of the coolest, finest-performing skate wheels we’ve ever ridden. For more than 30 years, this San Francisco–based company has been living to burn and burning to live — figuratively, of course. Award-winning skateboard wheels from Spitfire are designed for unbeatable performance that lasts, using the highest-quality exclusive urethane formula for speed and grip in skate parks or while cruising the streets. Our team loves these wheels, and your board will be flaming hot as well when you start to ride them.

Our Spitfire shop has all the latest durable skate wheels that are backed by a full manufacturer’s guarantee. The Spitfire Formula Four wheel is their latest innovation with unbeatable abrasion resistance and the grip you crave. Get F4 Radial Slims for the best sliding, Formula Four Conical wheels that offer quick response on smooth surfaces, Radial Classics that are all about controllable speed and many others. We carry plenty of other models as well, including Spitfire Bigheads, Chargers, and Soft D’s for working any type of surface. Simply put, Spitfire gives you more ways than anyone else to burn now and forever.

The Spitfire logo is one of the most iconic in skating, and their art designers have dressed it up in bright hues and killer patterns that practically scorch the ground underneath your feet. Spitfire skate wheels at CCS come in all sizes, with smaller wheels for the skate park and larger wheels for bombing the streets at high speeds. These specially tuned wheels are in our Portland, Oregon warehouse ready to ship today. Throw in a set of bearings and a cleaning kit while you’re at it to keep your skating fire stoked.