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Satori Movement

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Founded in 1998 and with a third eye towards sustainability, Satori Movement Wheels has brought positive vibes and an and ecological mindset to skateboarding since its inception. Satori has innovative Earth-minded concepts in skateboard wheels and skate apparel like their plant-oil infused Ecothane formulas and their emphasis on organic hemp and cotton in their apparel. You can even give your old wheels a new life with the Relife project where new wheels are made with over 60% post-consumer wheel urethane content.

Satori Wheels has kept things copasetic into the present with a team featuring legacy members like Karl Watson, Aaron Suski, and Ras Matthew Pailes, as well as contemporary skaters like Brent Achley, Eli Reed, Neen Williams, and Spencer Hamilton. All under the artful eye of street artist Bigfoot One. Whether you are looking for Goo Ball cruisers, some serious street wheels, or some sustainably-minded clothing, enlighten yourself into the state of pure awareness with the Satori Movement.