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What can be said about RIPNDIP Clothing that couldn’t be said with the simple flick of Lord Nermal’s Middle finger? Well, probably a lot of stuff like describing RIPNDIP’s coaches jackets with printed lining, lines of fleece sweatshirts based off a Seinfeld episode (we think), or graphics recreating famous paintings only using aliens and a lordly cat and an apathetic alien. RIPNDIP started when its owner, Ryan O’Connor, wrote RIPNDIP on his board at a skate camp. The phrase caught on at the camp, and O’Connor started selling RIPNDIP shirts the next season at the camp. From there, the brand grew. While the brand has changed considerably since its humble beginnings of O’Connor printing shirts in his mom’s garage, but the main thing to take away from RIPNDIP is that it’s a unique brand that takes risks other brands don’t like designing and producing quality garments in America.