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Poetic Collective

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Founded by Tom Botwid during his time in Berlin at an art academy, Poetic Collective is inspired by creative sources outside of skateboarding while also looking at skateboarding as a creative outlet. Based in Malmö Sweden, Tom runs the ever-growing brand from his apartment with his brother, they use the small-scale of the brand to their advantage and are able to choose exactly how they want to market themselves and the products. Botwid uses each season as an opportunity to push the boundaries of the manufacturers and his creative process, remaining true to a minimalist artistic style.

Happy to do things differently, Poetic Collective pushes for a balance of male and female skaters within the team which includes riders Sarah Meurle and Samuel Norgren. The team also both provide additional creative input via photography and hardware designs whilst starring in imagery and short clips that have a distinctively conceptual aesthetic.