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KR3W’s focus is providing superlative denim for skateboarders. It identifies as a lifestyle brand, focusing on Southern California skateboard culture. Before starting KR3W Denim and releasing KR3W Skinny Jeans to the world, Angel Cabada was a partner in the popular 90’s skateboarding brand, TSA Clothing. Krew Denim started in 2002 when skateboarding’s popularity was building thanks to the televised skate competitions like X-Games and progression and availability (thanks to the internet) of skate videos like Flip’s Sorry, Zero’s Dying to Live, and TSA’s Life In The Fast Lane.

Not soon after its launch, Krew became known for its skate jeans, most notably for being credited as the originator of the skinny jean style. But Krew isn’t just a jeans company. KR3W T-Shirts are a constant fixture at skateparks around the world thanks to its ability to stay current with skateboard trends and willingness to release designs that depict that unfiltered reality season after season.

Among its t-shirts and denim, KR3W Chinos, hats, watches and bags all sell well thanks to their appeal to subcultures that in turn help to influence skateboard style like streetwear and hip-hop.

While it was Krew’s Skinny Jeans that helped to cement KR3W’s name in skateboarding early on, it is KR3W’s Klassic Denim line, Chinos, and Rehab Denim that are doing the heavy lifting today. For a pair of skate jeans that are as in touch with streetwear style as they are on durable skate jeans, it’s hard to beat Krew’s skateboard jeans.