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Girl Skateboard Completes

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Since 1993, riders everywhere have known exactly what it means to skate like a Girl. Founded by a team of former World Industries riders led by Rick Howard and Mike Carroll, Girl overcame early resistance in the skateboard industry — because everyone hates an outsider, of course – to become both a manufacturer and distributor of the world’s best boards from multiple brands. Shop all Girl complete skateboards at CCS and get the newest and greatest Girl skateboards for your collection.

Each pre-assembled skateboard complete arrives ready to take out of the box and start riding with no assembly needed. Girl skateboard decks are made from rugged maple for stiffness and stability at high speeds. Take your pick of narrow Girl decks for street skating, mid-size decks for mini-ramps and transition, or extra-wide decks for vert and cruising. Use the stock wheels and trucks that come standard with our Girl completes, or go with another industry leader such as Thunder skateboard trucks and OJ Wheels. Customizing allows you choose the components best suited for your riding style so your board performs better and lasts longer.

Girl Skateboard Co. is known for their fun graphics as well, with variations on their classic logo and other original offerings. They’ve also partnered with Kodak for a series of colorful boards that celebrates their long history of making positively lit skateboard films where riders test the boundaries in the most beautiful places. Get in touch with your Girly side by ordering one of these Girl complete skateboards. Orders made before 3 p.m. EST ship the same business day, or you get 10 percent off our already great prices!