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Founded in 1997, Darkstar Skateboards is one of those names that have stood the test of time for remaining true to their intentions: providing riders with the most power for their money. Whether buying just a deck or a whole complete, Darkstar has proven itself as a provider of the highest quality builds not only for experienced professionals but for newcomers all the same.

Speaking of professionals, the Darkstar team has been shaped by a cast of some of the most talented and successful skateboarders of all time. On one end, there are household names including Ryan Decenzo, Dave Bachinsky and Greg Lutzka who have anchored the team for years. On the other hand, fresh faces like Cameo Wilson and Ke’Chaud Johnson have recently been welcomed to join the legacy brand.

When it comes to looks, Darkstar has been upping their game consistently with each year that passes. By keeping up with the most current trends in board design Darkstar has proven their commitment to carrying the torch into the future. Aside from original art, they’ve also killed the game in terms of collaborations. Harley Davidson, Heavy Metal Magazine and Patrick Nagel are just a handful of the names that have partnered with Darkstar to produce creations unlike anything that has ever been introduced to the world of graphics. With great momentum behind the brand, it’s clear that Darkstar will continue to hold an important role in skateboarding for years to come.