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Clearweather was started by two brothers, Josh and Brandon Brubaker. Brandon was a huge influence on his little brother Josh as a shoe designer in the early 90's designing some of the most iconic pro model skate shoes of the era, motivating Josh to begin drawing shoes through grade school. Many of skateboarding's truly unique shoes have come from the minds of or have been influenced by these two. And now they're working together on Clearweather to bring their best ideas forward without having to navigate through the corporate red tape, independently owned gives them the freedom to let the brand be an extension of themselves, their friends, and their lifestyle. Initially started as a lifestyle shoe brand, they could only stay away from developing new skate shoes for so long. It's in their blood, and similarly it's in their blood to always bring something new to footwear while staying true to classic silhouettes and styles. Less Corporate, More Independent.