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Without winter, there wouldn’t be Burton. And without Burton, there wouldn’t be winter. OK. Maybe there would still be winter, but there wouldn’t be snowboarding. And winter? Well, it sure wouldn’t be as much fun. Jake Burton Carpenter is the father of snowboarding and of Burton. Everything they make, from Burton Snowboards, apparel, tools, wax, outerwear, gloves, beanies, boots, and bindings, have roots at a sporting goods tradeshow in the late 1970s where Burton sold his first two snowboards. Needless to say, his company has grown since then.

Snowboarding has been the company’s and the founder’s way of life for the last 40 years. As Jake Burton says himself, "Riding is the reason we work so hard. It’s where our energy comes from and where it goes. I’ve watched snowboarding grow from a backyard pastime to a worldwide obsession. The products have evolved, but the adventure and the passion are the same."