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Anti-Hero skateboards from CCS are here for a good time. Founded in 1995 to combat the staleness of the skateboarding scene at the time, Anti-Hero infuses the rebellious spirit of the original skaters into every product. But beneath that veneer of aimlessness and grit is a line of well-built skateboards that are used by pros everywhere. We have all the latest Anti-Hero skateboards and decks in stock that are made to last. When you see the Anti-Hero eagle emblazoned on your board, you know you have a hard-riding, long-lasting setup.

Owned and distributed by Deluxe Distribution, Anti-Hero Skateboards makes their boards from tough materials and emblazons them with bold graphics that will never have you accused of shilling with The Man. Their skateboard decks are made of seven-ply maple, a sturdy wood that lets you hit high straight-line speeds without the flex and wobbles of other materials. They are polished off with a stained finish. For the complete boards, we’ve attached our own high-quality trucks, wheels and bearings for reliable performance at an affordable price. You can also customize your board by selecting parts from Indy, Spitfire, Bronson and other leading brands.

Our Anti-Hero shop is the place to find hard-working boards that look wholly unique. Their graphics team has come up with art ranging from their home furnishings line to images of shanks, records, and other non-standard creations. All orders of more than $50 ship free in the continental U.S., and we guarantee that orders placed before 3 p.m. EST will ship the same day. CCS has been leading the way in premium skateboarding products for more than 30 years. Head to our Anti-Hero apparel section for clothing that pairs perfectly with their decks!