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If you took Joey Brezinski and Paul Rodriguez’s skating abilities and combined them, you’d have a skater capable of with unmatched manual wizardry and a superior switch game. If you took Brezinski and Rodriguez’s business smarts and combined them, you’d have Andale Bearings.

Formed in 2010 by two of the most talented skateboarders that Los Angeles has to offer, the pair joined forces with a goal to produce a skateboard bearing that not only performed well but remained affordable. To do this, they’ve taken a set of G5 precision ball bearings and placed them in a set of steel races reinforced with high carbon and chromium alloys. The result is a roll that not only maximizes speed but that also holds up to impact and stays resistant to contact and cracking.

Putting the science of this aside, they also have a ripping cast of pro skaters backing them. From legends with their own signature models to up and comers who are in the middle of making their own names for themselves, the proof in Andale Bearings’ quality is rooted in the talent of their supporters. To feel what it’s like to ride what the pro’s ride take a set out for a spin.