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    The CCS Clearance Section is full of great deals on skateboards and cheap skate shoes and apparel. The skateboards and skate shoes you’ll find here aren’t damaged - they’re just lost. There are a handful of reasons why these cool skateboards and cheap skate clothing haven’t found homes yet, but we’re not here to point fingers. No, the purpose of this little spiel is to reassure that the cheap skate clothes you’ll find in this section used to be full priced skate clothes, that a skate shoe clearance doesn’t mean the shoes are going to skate any different - they’re just going to cost less. So, enjoy our Skate Shoes Clearance Section, with Vans Authentic Shoes, Adidas Skateboarding shoes, and apparel, unique jacket styles, and hard-to-find colorways, and, most of all, the thrill of the hunt. Because after all, what’s better than finding a t-shirt or pair of shoes that feel like they were made for you? Finding those shoes or shirt on clearance! Happy hunting.
    Clearance Deals