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Nike SB is a dominant force in skateboarding but it hasn’t always been the influential, trendsetting brand it is today. Nike’s initial efforts to sell to skate shops in ‘97 played a major role in how it approached entering the industry for a second time in 2002 when it introduced Nike SB to the world with the release of the Nike SB Dunk Low. The retooled version of the popular basketball silhouette featured a padded tongue, collar, and a Zoom Air insole. While the shoe was slow to catch on, it’s gone on to be one of Nike SB’s most popular styles thanks to a forgiving design that looks good in just about every colorway combination a designer can think of along with a slew of successful collaborations. The Dunk SB has seen over a hundred different colorways, many of which have been collaborations like the near riot inciting “Pigeon” Dunk.

In 2005, Nike SB approached then rising NYC sneaker designer and store owner, Jeff Staple, to collab on a Dunk that would represent New York. The Staple Pigeon Dunk SB has been called one of the most hyped, if not the most hyped, shoes in sneaker history. The shoe’s design and limited availability had customers camping outside the Reed Space Boutique in hopes of securing 1 of the 20 pairs of Pigeon Dunks released. After braving riot-like conditions outside the store, those successful in copping a pair of Pigeon Dunks were escorted home by police as there were rumored gangs waiting outside the store trying to get their hands on the highly exclusive Nike SB Shoes.

The next big push came with the release of Nike SB team rider Paul Rodriguez’s (P-Rod) first signature model. Following that release was P-Rod’s first pro shoe, the Nike SB Paul Rodriguez Zoom Air Low, and Lance Mountain, a Nike SB spokesperson at the time, initiating a version of the popular 70s basketball shoe, the Nike Blazer, as a more skate specific shoe with a padded collar and Zoom Air Insoles. Mountain joined the team in 2007, the same year Nike SB released its second video, Nothing But The Truth.

At this point, Nike SB was steadily growing its influence and being sold globally, and thanks to a series of quick acquisitions, releases, and promotions in 2009, was about to cement itself as one of the dominant skate brands in the industry. First came the signing of Eric Koston to the team. Second was the release of Debacle, a video featuring Nike SB’s Amateur team. And finally, one of the most significant events in Nike SB’s history, Stefan Janoski’s signature shoe was released. At the time, Janoski was best known for his effortless style and seemingly endless bag of switch tricks, but all that was about to change. The Janoski has since gone on to be one of the best selling skateboard shoes in history, transcending well beyond the skateboard shoe market. The name Janoski is now practically a household name thanks to the popularity of the shoe’s design. The Nike Janoski continues to be one of our best sellers and has seen over 70 variations including a trainer inspired design, the Janoski Max, and a slip-on style, the Janoski Slip-On.

With the success of videos like Debacle and Nothing But The Truth and its video series The SB Chronicles, the popularity of the Janoski, the opening of the Nike SB Training Facility (a private indoor skatepark in Los Angeles, CA), and bringing on “scuba” Steve Chalme as the team’s manager, the SB team quickly escalated to its now juggernaut status. Big names like Sean Malto, Luan Oliveira, Brian Anderson, Shane O’Neill, Grant Taylor (who won Skater of The Year in 2011) and Ishod Wair (SOTY 2013) were added to the roster and with the influence and credibility of these names, Nike SB went from testing the waters with a limited release of Dunks to being one of the most influential brands in the industry in just over a decade.

Today, Nike SB continues to contribute to skateboarding in new and innovative ways. Its advertising, video production, and shoe construction is constantly being pushed to the next level. Perhaps the most notable aspect of Nike SB is its ability to isolate specific aspects of skateboarding and improve them. Its introduction of skateboard shoe technology like the Lunarlon sockliners, Hyperfeel and Hypervulc outsoles, and a breathable Flyknit collar are all as valuable as its ability to draw on Nike’s deep archive of shoe designs for inspiration. Nike SB’s use of Nike’s heritage silhouettes has helped to usher in a new era of skateboard shoe design, while its singular focus and aesthetic have given its ads and videos an instantly recognizable look and feel that’s 100% Nike SB.

If you’d like some more information about Nike SB there are loads of goodies out there, including Nike SB’s Wikipedia page, documentaries about Nike founders Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman, the latest news from Nike SB and stories about changes Nike underwent in 2016 and some work that Nike SB is doing with team riders Eric Koston and Guy Mariano.

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  • Nike SB Hyperfeel Technology
    The Nike SB Hyperfeel technology found in the Janoski Hyperfeel, Bruin Hyperfeel, and the Hyperfeel Koston 3 delivers flexibility, boardfeel, and a comfortable locked-in fit. The Nike Hyperfeel system features a gusseted tongue, articulated cushioning courtesy of the drop-in PU sockliner, and a thin-web rubber outsole. This combination of features provide flexible grip, dynamic cushioning, and a locked-in fit for every shoe in the Nike SB Hyperfeel line.
    Nike SB Hyperfeel Technology Nike SB Hyperfeel Technology
  • Nike SB Air Zoom Technology Nike SB Air Zoom Technology
    Nike SB Air Zoom Technology
    The Nike SB Air Zoom Technology delivers comfortable shock absorption without sacrificing boardfeel. The low-profile cushioning in the heel comes in the form of a low-profile Nike Zoom Air Unit that helps you skate bigger and for longer by absorbing the impact of hard landings. This design delivers the impact protection skateboarders want without sacrificing the boardfeel skateboarding demands. Look for shoes with Air Zoom in the title like the Nike SB Air Zoom Blazer Low XT Shoes if you’re looking for a Nike SB with the Zoom Air Unit.
  • Nike SB Hypervulc
    Nike SB Hypervulc combines the boardfeel you get from a flexible outsole with the support and comfort you’d get from a Nike SB cupsole. The thin vulcanized outsole delivers grip, flexibility, and boardfeel while a technical drop-in molded insole provides durable shock absorbing padding in the heel of the shoe. A Nike SB heel clip adds the structure and support of a traditional cupsole. Together, the vulcanized construction, drop-in insole, and heel clip provide the best features a one-piece cupsole and vulcanized shoe have to offer.
    Nike SB Hypervulc Nike SB Hypervulc
  • The Nike SB Stefan Janoski Shoes The Nike SB Stefan Janoski Shoes
    The Nike SB Stefan Janoski Shoes
    Stefan Janoski is best known for the shoes he helped design, but before designing his now world famous Janoski shoe, he was the man with the impeccable switch style. Janoski’s style is what he was best known before designing the Nike SB Janoski, one of the best selling skate shoes in history. Janoski is also an artist, photographer, and sculptor - pursuits he says skateboarding and the success of his shoe have allowed him to do. His success story of being firm and uncompromising with his shoe design have been an inspiration for other skateboarders to design their own pro model shoes from scratch.
  • Eric Koston
    Eric Koston is, arguably, one of the best known skateboarders in the world. He has had a number one selling shoe with three major skate companies: eS, Lakai, and Nike SB. At every major skateboard moment in history, Koston wasn’t far away. He was on the original, legendary H-Street team, the original Girl Skateboard Team, the eS team that was considered “the Dream Team” in its time, skated for Lakai Shoes, had a part in Fully Flared, he has helped put Nike SB on the map, and he and Steve Berra own The Berrics - a name which comes from the “ber” in Berra and the “ric” in Eric. To say he is a central figure in skateboarding is a bit of an understatement - he’s kind of a legend.
    Eric Koston Eric Koston
  • Cory Kennedy Cory Kennedy
    Cory Kennedy
    Cory Kennedy came onto the skateboard scene with wheels spinning. He’s a role model for up-and-coming skaters in that he’s proved himself on multiple platforms - he was KOTR MVP, finished top 3 in the Berrics BATB Contest, developed and named a new trick called the Merlin Twist, went pro for Girl Skateboards, is part of the illustrious Trunk Boyz crew, and is credited for taking the All Courts out of Nike’s archives and skating them. In an industry that’s no longer judged solely by how good your last video part was (although Kennedy’s parts never disappoint), Kennedy is setting the standard of what it takes to be a successful pro skateboarder today.
  • Nike SB Bruin Hyperfeel Shoes
    The Nike SB Bruin Hyperfeel is another Nike classic upgraded to meet the demands of today’s skateboarding. The biggest upgrade being the Hyperfeel system itself, which consists of a thin-web rubber outsole for a more flexible overall shoe, a dynamic cushioned insole designed to flex with the outsole, and an internal gusset that delivers a snug, locked-in fit. The Hyperfeel system combined with the Bruin’s superior suede upper, herringbone tread, and one-piece cupsole provide the support, durability, and boardfeel every skateboarder is looking for. The Bruin originally debuted in 1972 as a simple silhouette with a functional herringbone outsole. After years on the basketball courts, the Bruin’s classic construction became a beloved staple in skateboarding footwear for decades to follow. Nike’s focus on the Hyperfeel technology, which provides both enhanced boardfeel and top-of-the-line impact protection, will be appreciated whether you prefer skating ledges or big gaps. The Bruins are the second pair of shoes Nike SB dropped in 2016 that combined cutting-edge footwear science with the timeless style we’ve come to expect from Nike SB.
    Nike SB Bruin Hyperfeel Shoes Nike SB Bruin Hyperfeel Shoes