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Lakai Limited Footwear was founded in 1999 by Mike Carroll and Rick Howard after the two left the DC Shoes Skateboard team. Lakai skate shoes, like many early 2000’s skate shoes saw their fair share of excessive material, shoe tech, and experimental shapes. Today, Lakai is known best for its relationship (in the truest sense of the word) to Crailtap.

Every brand in the Crailtap family has laidback, light-hearted, California skate approach to business and promotion (or those interested, Crailtap refers to tapping a skateboard trick called ‘crailslide’ opposed to actually sliding it). Nowhere is Lakai’s lighthearted love for for skating more visible than in videos like Lakai’s Fully Flared and The Final Flare! Some Lakai skate team heavyweights featured on these videos include Riley Hawk, Raven Tershy, and Stevie Perez.

Lakai’s approach to the skate industry and light-hearted videos and marketing is genius from a business perspective. Lakai T-Shirts can be seen in school hallways and skate parks across America, while its hoodies, hats, and accessories are sure to go onto be skateboard collector’s items for future generations to fight over.

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  • Co-Founder Mike Carroll
    Mike Carroll is another professional skateboarder who was part of the elite H-Street Skateboards team having parts in the 1988 Shackle Me Not and the legendary Hokus Pokus in ‘89. Carroll left H-Street in 1991 to ride for the original Plan B team. In 1993, after Plan B’s owner, Mike Ternasky, died, Carroll and fellow Plan B team rider, Rick Howard, started Girl Skateboards. And while Mike Carroll is known for being his parts at Embarcadero and being part of the original group that helped lay the foundation for skating as we know it today, his biggest contribution to skating is probably starting Girl and Lakai with Rick Howard. After skating for Vans for a few years, Carroll moved to DC Shoes for two years before starting Lakai Footwear in 1999.
    Co-Founder Mike Carroll Co-Founder Mike Carroll
  • Co-Founder Rick Howard Co-Founder Rick Howard
    Co-Founder Rick Howard
    Rick Howard is Canadian, which by definition, makes him funny. Aside from never taking anything too serious (on camera at least), Howard is known for having laid back, smooth style. He was on the original Plan B team until he left to start Girl Skateboards with Mike Carroll, Spike Jonze, and Megan Baltimore. Girl Skateboards set a standard for skater owned skate companies that’s still used today. Six years after starting Girl, Howard and Carroll started Lakai Shoes. Lakai is as respected in the industry as Girl thanks to how it is run, its team, and the videos produced. Rick Howard is among those who were there for the very beginning of street skating as we know it today, and is a co-founder of one of the first and most respected skater owned companies in skateboarding, Girl Skateboards.
  • Lakai XLK Sole Construction
    Lakai’s premiere cupsole design, the XLK reduces the weight of the sole while delivering superior cupsole support and flexibility. This is achieved through the use of s flexible vertical Herringbone tread pattern used and rubber and sculpted sidewalls. A use of unique rubber compounds and less rubber where you don’t need it deliver a lighter more responsive sole. XLK construction can be identified by the print on the shock absorbing EVA sock liners and XLK sole badges.
    Lakai XLK Sole Construction Lakai XLK Sole Construction