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Herschel Supply Co.

Brothers Jamie and Lyndon Cormack founded Herschel Supply Co. in 2009. They named their company after the small town where three generations of their family had been raised. Now in Vancouver, Canada, Herschel Supply Co. manufactures the best in backpacks, duffels, messenger bags, pouches, totes, headwear, and accessories for men, women, and children. It has become a global phenomenon because of how functional, long-lasting, and well-designed their products are. The company’s name is synonymous with superior craftsmanship.

A Herschel product is inspired by an earlier era but updated with innovative materials and details. They make modern bags with a slightly retro look, whether it’s a laptop liner, key clip, or a place to hold your phone. Herschel bags and backpacks evoke nostalgia but continue to be defined by the present day. They make innovative, progressive products that are, simultaneously, classic and truly timeless.

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