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Skateboarding is supposed to be fun. That’s what the folks at Almost believe, and it’s why they’ve been making high-quality boards, decks, clothing and other skating products since 2003. They may call themselves "Almost a skateboard company", but there’s nothing near-miss about the quality of an Almost board. If there was, we wouldn’t sell them. CCS has a huge selection of products from this creative, hardworking company based on the beaches of Los Angeles County. We have complete Almost Skateboards along with clothes, grip tape, hardware, skate wax, and other accessories.

The first thing you’ll notice about your Almost deck, shirt or grip is how amazing it looks. The company has partnered with DC Comics and various animation studios to plaster their products with graphics straight out of your youth. Picasso would eat his heart out at the sight of Batman, Superman, The Joker, Droopy, Top Cat, Yogi Bear and other classic characters on a board. Some of them come with a modern twist as well. Ever seen Droopy rock a boom box? We didn’t think so.

It’s tempting to hang these works of art on your wall. But that would leave you without the pleasure of riding an Almost board. These are some of the most advanced skateboards in the industry – no “almost” about it. Almost desks are made with Impact construction that uses genuine North American Maple with carbon-fiber laminate discs and inserts, giving riders a stronger pop and a longer lasting deck. Their high-tech offerings include Impact Light, Impact Support, and Impact Plus options for just the right strength and feel.

This commitment to the newest technology and evolving with the world of skateboarding goes into all of their products. They’re like a shark – they keep moving forward. You’ll sink your teeth into the hottest Almost skateboarding equipment and accessories around at the CCS skate shop. We have free shipping on orders over $50 and expert service to get you the products you want at a great price. Leave the nearly’s and the not-quite’s for the other guys and trust Almost Skateboards for your riding needs!

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If Andy Warhol was a skater, he’d probably ride an Almost board. Of course, he’s been dead for a really long time, so if we saw him shredding, we’d freak. But that’s not the point. Almost Skateboards look like art. Their graphics are bright, vibrant, and bold. Not to mention their unbelievably cool collaboration with DC Comics which includes heroic superheroes and badass super villains like Batman, The Joker, Captain Cold, The Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, and Superman graphics.

In fact, their boards look so good, you could hang them on your wall, but we don’t recommend it. That’s because you want to ride an Almost. Because Almost Skateboards – founded by legendary skateboarders Daewon Song and Rodney Mullen – can take what you can dish out. They’re not just another pretty face. Their team has mastered the constantly changing technical world of skateboarding by incorporating new technology into their offerings year after year.

Almost Skateboards specializes in high-tech carbon board construction, providing stronger, lighter decks with added pop so that you can have fun and skate everything, which happens to be their motto. Depending on what you’re looking for in a board, you can choose from Impact Support, Impact Plus or Impact Double for varying amounts of carbon-fiber laminate paired with good old fashioned North American Maple for an unbelievably long deck life.