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Proper Skateboarding is a skater-owned skate shoe company out of Portland, Oregon. Shawn Baravetto has been in the skateboarding business long enough to know what works and what doesn't, and somewhere along the line, he formed the idea for a shoe company of his own. Baravetto has worked for other skate footwear companies DC, Circa, and Nike SB, but this is the first time he has had complete control over the product. In an interview with, he told them "All of my retirement money is going into this, so I’m making a run."

With his life savings resting on the success of, as it stands, three shoe styles, you could say Baravetto believes in his vision. Each shoe has its own style, but all of them aren't far from familiar. Each takes inspiration from an era, or a popular style we all know and love. More simply, each is a skate shoe through and through. In the same Jenkem interview, Baravetto said, "How a shoe makes you feel is just as important as how it works and interacts with the board, and I think that gets lost sometimes." This philosophy on shoe design is essential in skateboarding. If the Vans Half-cab or Vans Authentic has taught us anything, it's that skateboarders like familiarity on their feet.

Skateboarding went through its tech-craze, a time when puffy tongues and gobs of reinforced nubuck and stitch reigned supreme, but in the end, we're back to where we started. Clean, durable shoes you can feel your board in are what skateboarders want. And that's exactly what Shawn Baravetto and Proper Skateboarding Skate Shoes have to offer.

Proper team riders include Brian Baca, Bryan Whalen, Cam Barret, and Nate Guest, and Will Gabourel.

Proper Skateboarding is now live at

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