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Who let the dogs out? Three wise philosophers once posed the question in the year 2000 igniting the world with wonder. The answer to that question, has never been answered, but many have pondered its meaning and its impact on man’s best friend ever since. Fast forward to 2014, two friends Andy Paz and Joseph Paschette created the brand Dog Limited. Known to many due to their dog hats and adorable Instagram, Dog Limited has been creating some truly unique dog-themed products that speaks to both your pooch-loving Grandma, as well as your local hypebeast. We caught up with Andy at the Agenda Trade Show in Long Beach where he showed us around his presentation and chatted with us about the brand.

Can you introduce yourself and tell me what you do? I’m Andy and I am one of the co-founders of Dog Limited. I design everything, I do production, and I’m the guy that comes with the stupid ideas and puts them up on hats and shirts.

Can you give me the brief overall history of Dog Limited? I had been making clothing for a bit. Then I was looking through a bunch of patches at a swap meet, and I found a really terrible looking patch that said Welsh Corgi on it. I wanted to recreate the same patch but with my dog on it. Then I showed it to my friend Joey and I said, "I want to put these on hats, what do you think?" And he said "Dude let’s make it into a brand."

What kind of dogs do you have? I have a French Bulldog and Joey has a Chihuahua. My dog’s name is Chloe, she’s about to be three. We throw a big birthday party for her every year. We always put a brown Frenchie on everything and that’s her and she’s what inspired the brand. She’s the first dog.

Are you able to help dogs with the brand? Yeah a portion of our profits go to rescues and shelters.

Who Let The Dogs Out?

Have you seen cross-over customers who are just dog people? Yeah absolutely. The reason I think this brand is so awesome, is because this brand appeals to everybody, it covers all the white space. Like a kid that shops on CCS can wear it, and my mom can wear it, my dad can wear it, and a 110 year old person can wear it. That’s what’s so cool about it, that it appeals to everyone. If you like a dog or even if you don’t like a dog, you can wear it because at the end of the day it’s all fun and easy to wear.

Your Instagram is great, have you seen it have an effect on the brand? The Instagram is everything. That’s really what drives people to our site and gives the brand personality. With all the stupid dog stuff or product shots, people really like it and we get a ton of compliments on our Instagram. Honestly we have had memes that we’ve found or made that have translated into our clothing. We have a very fun overarching theme that spills over into our online presents.

Any collabs coming in your future? We are doing a collab with CLSC, Pizzaslime, and maybe RIPNDIP in the future because they are our best friends.

I love the reference to Big Dog in the graphics, was looking at those tees a starting point for the tees? Yeah, we draw a lot of inspiration from Big Dog. I feel like this could be the more wearable version of Big Dog, which isn’t just for Dads who shop at outlet malls.

Do you have any memories of growing up with the CCS catalogs? I remember when they came in the mail and I would look at every single thing that had World Industries on it. I think I ordered one of my first skateboards from it.

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